Sunday, March 04, 2012

This is not a current forum

Hits have increased in this page recently (gee, I wonder why) but I do not have the time or energy to update this blog. It's mostly a record of the strike in 2005, minus a post or two afterwards.

This is no longer a current blog about the current situation.


Blogger richard albertson said...

all are over paid now ,lot should not even be teachers .all a bunch of cry babys trying to get school taxs higher for us that are all ready having a hard time getting by,who put a gun to their head and made them be teachers .o right they did them self because of the money ,its all about the money ,its for the kids is just out right bullshit

12:14 PM  
Anonymous A BC Teacher said...

Perhaps if you had gone to school with smaller class sizes and not as many special needs kids in your class, your teachers would have been able to teach you to write coherently...

6:03 AM  

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