Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I can't resist....

This was on a sign at the rally downtown tonight. I'm not usually one for political activism and cartoons and the like, but this was too funny! (Some context for those who don't know... that photo on the right is the mugshot of the premier of British Columbia who was arested for drinking and driving in Hawaii a while back. The big question being asked in this strike is "What kind of example are the teachers setting by striking illegally?" This poster, with the question "Who's the criminal?" is in response to that.)

(I'll have to tell the story about WHY I'm not a political actvist... I can peg it down to one day in grade 6. That story to come.)


Anonymous Nollind Whachell said...

Hehe, love it. That's the problem with Gordie, he's living in his own little world and is so out of touch with reality. I mean his kids go to private school so he doesn't have to hear the daily "Dad, I need money for supplies!", "Dad, we need money for a field trip!", or "Dad, we need money for photocopy paper!" I mean give me a break, what's next? "Dad, we need money to buy desks for the classroom!"

I mean as I said on my blog, why do you think kids, parents, AND teachers all get involved in fund drives to raise money for things that really the government should be paying for? It is because kids, parents, and teachers CARE while the government does not.

9:18 AM  
Blogger Josef said...

He did the crime, did the time. Like a gentleman who learned a difficult lesson.

BCTF do the crime, don't wanna do the time.

Big difference.

11:02 AM  
Anonymous Nollind Whachell said...

"Gentleman"? Either you are one of his best friends or you have no idea who he is and what he is doing to this province on a daily basis.

Oh, BCTF is doing the crime because the law is a joke but they are still more than willing to do the time (and go to jail for it) because they care. A lot more than can be said about Gordo (who's not even in the province). And you're absolutely right, there is a really big difference between the two. One cares about the people (the teachers for their students), the other doesn't (but Gordo does care a lot about money though which is why he's more than willing to give himself and his buddies a raise when he feels like it).

4:57 PM  

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